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Refund a Reservation


This article will show you how to refund a reservation. 


  1. Search and select a user
  2. Select Voids, Refunds, & Transfers tab
  3. Navigate to Reservations tab
    • Note: In the left-hand filter bar, you may need to change the Reservation From date just in case the customer reserved the facility more than 2 months ahead.
  4. Select reservation items you want to refund
  5. Select Refund Selected Items
  6. Review and modify (if needed) Refund fields
    • Payment Type: Method you wish to issue the refund
    • Balance Reduction: Indicate any amounts and adjustments
    • Refund Amount: Indicate the refund payment type
    • Admin Fee: Select an admin fee, if applicable
      • Enter the amount, in the Balance Due
      • Note: There is a zero dollar default amount. Enter the desired amount so that it can go to the correct GL account.
    • Refund Reason/Note: Add a comment to indicate the reason for the Refund/Credit (optional)
    • Note: You cannot issue a refund back to a credit card on the SAME day as the original transaction. Additionally, it is important to note that most merchants will only allow for credit card refunds prior to 120 days.
    • Note: If you want to remove the person from the activity while issuing the credit, ensure that the check the box that says Remove from Calendar is selected. If you leave that box unchecked, the refund/credit will be issued, but the person will be left on the roster. (Facility rentals can be left intact in this same way)
  7. Select Continue
  8. View Confirmation window; select Submit
  9. Refund Successful screen will display with Receipt and print options
    • Email Receipt: Email the receipt to a user 
    • Print Receipt: Print the receipt on regular paper
    • Thermal Receipt: Print the receipt on receipt paper

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