Financial Settings


Edit a Cost Center



This article will show you how to edit the label and code in a Cost Center.


Important Note

  • Cost Center is a provisional feature that only some users may see.



  1. Navigate to Configurations > Financial Settings > Cost Centers

  2. Select the Edit tool to modify an existing cost center

  3. Edit the Code and/or Label
    • Code (required)Edit the GL Code
    • Label (optional): Edit the Cost Center Name

  4. Select Save Cost Center

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Article Feedback

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    Cathy Haynie

    Cost Center does not show up under Configuration for us. Each Facility has the option to be a cost center, which is NOT what we need. We have just one Cost Center located at the Community Center. This has become an issue with new staff users who must pick from the list to find the Cost Center. If we could have just the one showing it would make life much easier.