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Transfer a Participant to a Different Activity



This article will tell you how to complete a transfer for a participant to a different activity or session.


  1. Search and select a user
  2. Select Voids, Transfers, and Refunds
  3. Configure any desired Filters
    • Account Member: Select a member from your account
    • Date Filter: Select Transaction From and Transaction To dates
    • Receipt Number: Enter a receipt number, if applicable
    • Enrollment Status: Show Active and/or Inactive
  4. Click Refresh Results
  5. Locate the participant who you would like to transfer to a different activity or session
  6. Select the action tab, indicated by three lines
  7. Choose Transfer

  8. Select fields
    • Original Activity/Session: This is auto-filled with the activity you are transferring from
    • Participants: Shows the participant you are transferring
    • Target Activity/Session: Enter the new section that the participant will transfer into
    • New Session Price: Indicates the cost the customer will pay for the new session they are being transferred to
      • Note: If they pay the full cost, input the full cost. If sessions are an even trade ($10 for $10) then the new session fee would be $10 to make the balance and credit of the transfer to $0.
    • Eligibility Override: Apply if the participant does not fit the eligibility of the new activity
    • Enrollment Override: Use when the session is full or if the enrollment time has passed
    • Note: Enter additional information
  9. Select Preview Transfer
    • Note: At the bottom of the screen, the transfer summary will populate for you to review.
  10. Select Complete Transfer

Note: The system will automatically resolve any price differences between the two activities.

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Article Feedback

  • Avatar
    Tim Moran

    Can you transfer memberships. Say someone wants to move from a individual membership to a family membership, rather then going through refund and resell. It did not look like we could when we tried.

  • Avatar
    Becca Drake

    Hi Tim,

    Transfers are not supported for membership activity types. The best approach would be to refund, put a credit on the user's account and have them sign up for the correct membership.

    Thank you,
    Your Help Center Team