A/R Center Guide



The A/R Center shows the invoices of customers who have balances that need to be paid, have already paid or are now past due.


  1. Navigate to Financial > A/R Center
  2. Navigate through filters
    • Due Date: Set a From and To date
    • Last Invoice: Input From and To dates here as well which will allow you to see the last invoices for a certain date range
    • Type: Select which type of invoice to see
    • Activity: Either use the search feature if you know the name of the activity or the session you are looking to include, or select activity from the drop-down menu
    • Activity Date: Allows you to put a start and end date for activities
    • Account: Search for individual names or groups so you can send an invoice to them or look at records
    • Rental Location: Select one or more facility locations
    • Rental Date: Date spans can be used as a search method to find invoices
    • Paid: Search in three ways in this category: AllPaid, or Unpaid
    • Card: Search in three ways in this category: AllCard, or No-Card
    • Items per page: Helps filter the number of invoices per page
  3. Results will populate as soon as you select your filters
  4. Click the checkbox next to a result to apply an action
    • Note: If you want to select all results, click the top checkbox next to #.
  5. Navigate through top menu buttons to choose an action
    • Print Now: Print the invoice and send to the customer
    • Invoice Now: Send an invoice via email to the customer so they can submit payment
    • Card on File: Payment can process for the card that is saved on their file
    • Pay Now: Select to automatically open the payment screen so a transaction can process to receive payment
    • Note: The Invoice Now, Card on File, and Pay Now tools also appear on individual items, on the far-right.

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