Food Service Module


The Food Service Module is for our organizations that run and manage a kitchen within their department. For example, if you have a kitchen at one of your facilities, staff will be able to use CivicRec’s POS Items feature in conjunction with the Food Service Module. When a cashier sells a burger and fries, the order will pop up on the kitchen’s screen and they will be able to process the order.

You will need to contact CivicRec Support to enable this module for you.


  1. Navigate to POS Items
  2. Expand a category
  3. Edit the item
  4. Select the Food Service Module setting
    • Note: When food is ordered, staff will use Catalog > POS Tab to input the order. There is a Note.. section that appears here for toppings, special instructions, etc.
  5. Select Save POS Item
  6. Orders will appear under Functions > Food Service Orders
    • Note: This screen should be on display in the kitchen. You can see there is a Full-screen option here, as well. It will display Open Orders until they are Closed and shows recently closed orders as well.
      • Ticket Number: Number that is assigned to the food item so that tracking is easier
      • Transaction Number: Reference to the receipt
      • Server: Displays the name of the server/staff member who processes the transaction
      • Food Item: Displays the title of the food item, along with any notes

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