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When you have a bounced or bad check, or a user reports a transaction as fraud to their bank, you should use Bad Payment Reversals. In those cases, the credit card company takes the money out of your merchant account, so this is how we put the balance back on the cardholder's account and recover those funds.


  1. Search and select your desired user
  2. Select Indicate Bad Payment under Account Actions
  3. Select the Transaction with the bad payment
    • Note: Select the transaction number to open the receipts from this screen.
  4. Fill in additional Bad Payment fields
    • Transaction Date: Indicates the date that the reversal is in effect; you can backdate this, or date it for today. This will be the date on the receipt
    • Additional Bad Payment Charge: Adds an additional fee Add-on to this transaction
    • Apply Flag to Account: Applies a flag to the account; for additional information, view our Account Flags article
    • Note For Reversal: Add notes about the reversal for documentation
  5. Select Continue
  6. Select Submit
  7. A Bad Payment Reversal Receipt will appear
  8. Documentation options:
    • Receipt:
      • Email: Send receipt over email
      • Print: Print from computer
      • Thermal: Print on receipt paper
    • Permit:
      • Email: Send permit over email
      • Print: Print from computer
        • Note: Permit is only visible if bad payment is associated with a permit

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