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This article will show you how to create a user and initially associate other account members and organizations. 

To fulfill the minimum requirements, you just have to fill out the required Account Holder information. You are not required to associate other account members and organizations. 


  1. Click Setup New Account
  2. Fill in required Account Holder information
    • Note: Fields may vary site to site.
    • Name: Insert a First Name, Middle Name, Last Name
      • Use the drop-down to identify a Jr., Sr., or other hierarchical name types (I, II, etc)
    • Date of Birth, Age Group: Insert a birthday or use the drop-down to identify a general age group (Youth, Adult, Senior)
    • Liability Waiver: Check to confirm the user agrees to the Liability Waiver
    • Address Line 1: Insert the user's address
    • Zip/Postal Code, City/Municipality, State: Insert the user's Zip code, city, and state
    • Country: Select the user's country
    • Note: It is also important to note the user's User Type. Select either Public User or Internal User/Staff Member.
  3. Add other Account Members in the Other Account Members tab
  4. Click Add Account Member
  5. Insert Other Account Member information:
    • First Name: First name
    • Last Name: Last name
    • Identify whether Male (M) or Female (F)
    • Insert the user's Birthday
    • Identify the user's Age Group (Youth, Adult, Senior)
    • Select the user's Grade (preschool thru 12th grade)
    • Click the X to delete the Account Member
    • Click Add Account Member again to insert another Account Member
  6. Use the Organization tab to add an Associated Organization
  7. Click Add Item
  8. Use the Search bar to find and select an existing Organization or User Account
  9. Click Save New User at the bottom

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