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Prompts in CivicRec are used to gather customer information from users, specific to program registrations or facility rentals. This data can be shown on receipts and can be in various reports.


Important Note

  • Prompts are grouped based on the Follows User field
  • Prompts are sorted based on Configuration settings for prompts



  1. Navigate to Configuration > Checkout Settings > Prompts 

  2. Select Create Prompt
  3. Fill in fields
    • Name: Title Prompt
    • Type (required): Select a type; view Prompt Response Types for more information
    • Category (required): Select a category for your prompt
    • Max Response Length: Enter a character limit
    • Text: Enter prompt content
    • Required: Select to require prompt upon checkout
    • Viewable by Instructors: Select to make the prompt viewable by instructors
    • Print on Receipt: Determines whether this prompt will print on the receipt
    • Follows User
      • Once per user: Only require one answer per user
      • Once per cart: Will show only once no matter how many items with the prompt are in the cart
      • Once per line item: Will put the prompt on every item

  4. Navigate to the Facilities tab to add Facilities/Locations to the prompt

  5. Navigate to the Sessions tab to add Sessions/Activities to the prompt

  6. Select Save New Prompt

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Article Feedback

  • Avatar
    Andrea Babb

    It would be helpful if we could create a prompt with conditional logic that would create a pop-up warning/outgoing message to potential renters if they are considering something that will need approval, or may not be approved for certain locations. This way, they can determine if this is a good fit for their event before committing to that location, as we don't offer refunds, only credits that must be used by the end of the current fiscal year.

  • Avatar
    Joe Mench

    I agree, conditional logic would help make internal notifications and decision making more efficient depending on rental variables.

  • Avatar
    Eric Gerhardt

    I also agree.

  • Avatar
    Becca Drake

    Hi Andrea,

    It seems like you have a popular idea that our engineers might like to take a look at! To submit a feature request, please follow the instructions on this article: This allows fellow clients to comment and like/vote on their favorite ideas!

    Thank you,

    Your Help Center Team