Use Offline EMV with Converge in CivicRec


This article will show you how to use the offline EMV with Converge in your CivicRec site.

Note: The below instructions should are only applicable if you plan to use a credit card machine working offline via a phone jack. If you use a credit card machine that plugs into your computer via USB, then these instructions will not be applicable.

Note: If you use the iSC250, follow instructions for that hardware.


  1. Process a transaction internally, but stop at the Payment screen
  2. At checkout, click EMV (Offline CC)
  3. Chip reader will activate; customer should follow prompts
    • Confirm the amount: Confirm correct amount
    • Insert card: Insert your card
    • Enter PIN (if applicable): Enter PIN number
    • Remove the card: Take your card out
    • Sign (if applicable): Add your signature
  4. Transaction should automatically complete; no further action from staff
    • Note: For split payment (less than the total owed amount), the payment will add to list, but the transaction will not complete until they fill out all payments.
    • Note: If staff cancels or leaves the page while PIN pad is in use, transaction discrepancies may occur between CivicRec and Converge. CivicRec will void these discrepancies automatically, within two hours.
  5. Transaction will successfully process once the system receives the signature (if necessary)

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