Types of Reports


This article provides brief descriptions of the types of Reports you can choose from.  


  • Custom Reports: Reports with various customizable fields and filters
  • Transaction Reports: Reports transactions (E.g., Transaction Detail, Transactions by Receipt Location)
  • GL/Revenue Reports: Reports General Ledger and Revenue (E.g., General Ledger Summary, Unearned Revenue Summary)
  • AR Reports: Reports Accounts Receivable information
  • Revenue Reports: Reports Revenue (E.g., Revenue Code Summary)
  • Addon/Discount Reports: Reports Addons and Discounts (E.g., Addon Summary)
  • Instructor Reports: Reports Instructor information (E.g., Instructor Activity Summary)
  • Inventory Reports: Reports Inventory (E.g., Inventory Log Summary)
  • Activity Reports: Reports Activity information (E.g., Waiting List Reports, Activities by Facility)
  • Reservation Reports: Reports Reservation information (E.g., Locations Report, Facility Usage Report)
  • Scholarship Reports: Reports on Scholarships (E.g., Scholarship Usage Summary)
  • User/Roster Reports: Reports on Users and Rosters (E.g., Roster Report, Ticket Barcode Report)
  • Membership Reports: Reports on Memberships (E.g., Membership Scans, General Entry Report)
  • Check-In Reports: Reports on Check-In information (E.g., Check-In Log by Activity, Admissions Report)
  • Misc Reports: Reports on Miscellaneous information (E.g., Duplicate User Finder, All Address Export)
  • Financial Reports: Reports on Financial activity (E.g., POS Summary, Fee Waivers By Employee)

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