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Create New Receipt Templates



This article will show you how to create a new Receipt Template.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Templates > Receipt Templates
  2. Select Create Receipt Template
  3. Fill in fields
    • Name: Create receipt title
    • Return Email: Input an email for the receipt to return to
    • Header: Create a header
    • Footer: Create a footer
  4. Select Save New Receipt Template

Your new Receipt Template can now be Assigned to an appropriate location

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Article Feedback

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    Kami Omodt

    What do you use this for or rather how would you connect a specific receipt for a specific function. For example, if i create a refund receipt that has information unique to receipts how do make sure the refund transactions pulls the refund receipt i created?

  • Avatar

    What does the receipt look like when it is sent? Is there a way to send a test receipt?

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    Alyssa Cook

    Hi Kami,

    At this time, while you can assign receipts to facilities, there is not a function to connect receipts to specific functions like refunds. If you would like to see this become a feature of CivicRec, we would encourage you to submit a feature request so that this function can benefit the entire CivicRec community. (Instructions for that process can be found here:

    Thanks for your time!


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    Alyssa Cook

    Hi Katrina,

    You can always view receipts using the View Receipt tool ( You can also view receipts from completed transactions using the Transaction Browser ( There isn't a specific "Test Receipt" function, but if you would like to generate a test receipt, it might be easiest to process a test transaction and using the receipt from that to ensure that everything appears the way that you would like.

    Thanks for your time!