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Create a Notification


Our Notifications system displays a message of your choosing across your organization's public Catalog and check-out pages (Prompts, Waivers, etc).

This article will show you how to create a new Notification.


  1. Navigate to Communicate > Notifications
  2. Select Create Notification
  3. Fill in fields
    • Title (required): Title that will display on your notification
    • Message: Body text of your notification
    • Link Text: Name, or title, a link
    • Link URL: Enter a link URL, if you want to use a link
    • Post Date: Date and time the notification will begin to display
    • Expiration Date: Date and time the notification will stop appearing
    • Type (required): Type of notification you want to post (typically Announcements)
    • Public Visibility: Check to allow public users to see this notification
    • Notification Style: Select if this is information, good news, an alert, or bad news
    • Internal Visibility: Check to display notifications for internal staff
  4. Select Save New Notification

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