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Create a New Internal Facility Reservation



This article will show you how to create a new Reservation for an Internal Facility.



  1. Navigate to Facilities > Calendar

  2. Apply filters
    • Locations: Select locations/facilities
    • Programs: Select programs
    • Tags: View tags
    • Types: View types

  3. Click Refresh

  4. Click on a date for a new reservation

  5. Fill in reservation details
    • Facility: Select which facilities are to be reserved and the corresponding Rate Type
    • Date & Times: Select the dates and times of the reservation(s)
    • Recurrence: Select the desired recurrence option from the drop-down
      • None/One time only: No recurrence and/or just a single event
      • Daily: Occurs every day
      • Weekly: Occurs once a day
        • Note: The date and time section is the first reservation date and the series will end at the “Until” date.
      • Monthly: Occurs once a month
        • Relative Date: Select to indicate that the session will be based on the week of the month, versus the day of the month
    • For Activity: Associate the reservation with an activity
    • Assigned User: Select and assign a user account for the reservation
    • Notes: Additional comments
    • Default Color: Select a color to represent the reservation
    • Status: Select a Reservation Status Type
      • Note: You can only add the Reservation Status Type in the Calendar view. You do not have the option to add a Reservation Status Type when creating a facility reservation from the Catalog view. Also, this cannot be automatically applied or set as a default to a certain type of reservation status or to public reservations.
    • Conflicting Reservations: Select whether you want to allow or not allow conflicting reservations on the calendar

  6. Save (No Checkout) will create an admin block off
    • Add To Cart: Saves the reservation, allows you to input other reservations
    • Add To Cart & Checkout: Adds the reservation to the cart, takes you through the checkout process

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