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Adjust a Facility Rental



You may need to adjust a facility rental in order to change a date, facility, or charge additional fees. 



  1. Navigate to Facilities > Calendar

  2. Select a rental from the calendar

  3. Select Adjust Rental

  4. Edit modifiable fields
    • Rental Adjustment tab
      • Facility: Changes your location
        • Note: Fees may change based on the facility's configuration.
      • Rate Type: Must stay the same as it was when reserved if you are only changing the date or time
      • Adjustment Notes: Enter any notes related to changes and adjustments
      • New Date: Change the rental date
        • Note: Be sure to check the facility and rate type to make sure they are the same as well - they should automatically stay the same, but it is always good to check.
      • New Times: Adjust rental time and change rate type, if needed
      • Fee Override: Enter in additional fees that would override the standard fee amount
      • Add-Ons: Select additional add-ons
        • Note: Be sure that if you are changing locations, the correct rate type is selected as well.
      • Discount: Select a discount, if applicable

    • Basic Details:
      • Color: Change the color that represents the rental
      • Custom Event Title: Change the event title
      • Status: Select the status of the rental (N/A, Confirmed, Firm, Tentative)
      • Rental Notes: Enter any information/comments about the rental

  5. Choose a saving option
    • On the Rental Adjustment tab: Click Perform Rental Adjustment
    • On the Basic Details tab: Click Save Rental Details

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