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This article will show you how to create a location. Location creation offers CivicRec admins the opportunity to create the parks and complexes where activities or rentals will occur.


  1. Navigate to Facilities > Facility List
  2.  Select Create Location
  3. Fill in fields
    • Information:
      • Basics:
        • Name: Name of facility
        • Code: Facility code
        • Default Color: Select a color to represent the facility
        • Receipt Template: Choose to apply a template to receipts that come from this facility
      • Address: Phone, email, and address of facility
    • Description: Brief description of facility
    • Settings
      • Operated By: Select who the facility is operated by
      • Parent Location: Select if the location you are creating is a child location
      • Revenue Reporting: Select if this location is on its own revenue or part of another
      • Cost Center: Set the default cost center to use for facilities at this location
        • NoteCost Centers in CivicRec represent departments, locations, or another type of unit or group within an organization to which costs may be associated for accounting purposes. They are typically utilized for expense tracking.
      • Default GL Code: Auto-populates a GL entry for new facilities, but will not impact existing facilities with no GL code
      • Facility Display Mode: Choose between normal and grid views
    • Links: Will display Catalog Link or QR Code
  4. Select Save New Location

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