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Manage Pending Reservations


The Pending Rentals module is a dedicated view for rentals pending admin approval.

Important Notes

  • Administrators making reservations (public or internal) do not need to be declined or approved under the pending rentals section of the facilities module.
  • The balance is put on the account at the end of the reservation, but no permit is generated until after the reservation is approved for public users.
  • Once the rental is approved the balance stays, the permit is generated, the calendar is reserved, and the customer can pay the balance due.
  • Once the rental is declined - the balance is removed, the transaction is removed, and the calendar is cleared.


  1. Navigate to Facilities > Pending Rentals
  2. View all Pending Rentals
    • Note: If a facility is configured to "require approval" then when it's rented online, it is input as balance due. 
  3. Select the Approve/Decline button
  4. Select Approve or Decline Reservation
    • Email Permit to User?: Send user a copy of their permit
    • Email Receipt to User?: Send user a copy of their receipt
    • Invoice User?: Send the user an invoice
    • Event Title: Add an event title
    • Status: On Hold, Pending, Reserved, Tentative, or N/A
    • Add Notes to Permit: Add any additional, relevant notes to the permit
  5. If Approved, the user can pay their balance


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