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Activate a Waiting List



An Activity Waiting List allows users to sign up for a waiting list when the first roster is full. This allows them to sign-up if someone else drops the activity.


Important Notes

  • There is no limit to how many names can be on a waiting list.
  • Once maximum participation is met, the waitlist automatically activates.
  • By default, the waitlist option is enabled and set to Online and In-House.


  1. Navigate to Activities > Activity List
  2. Expand an activity
  3. Edit a session
  4. Navigate to the Advanced tab
  5. Expand the Waiting List drop-down
    • Include Post-Registration: If you have later registrations after registration has ended, this will include them on the waitlist.
  6. Choose an option:
    • No Waiting List: Will not allow waitlist sign-up
    • Online and In-House: Will allow online and in-person waitlist sign-ups
      • Include Post Registration: Click to enable
    • In-House Only: Will allow in-person waitlist sign-ups only
    • Online Only: Will allow online sign-ups only
    • Note: Now, at checkout, the customer or staff will receive a prompt with the option to Add to Waitlist.
  7. Click Save Session at the bottom of the page

Note: When an individual needs to move from the waitlist to a roster, staff will need to enroll them from the waitlist. Once a waitlist is active, you can only enroll in the waitlist after that point. In other words, if the waitlist activates and some people un-enroll from the activity and take the number of participants below the max number, there is no effect. All subsequent registrations will go on the waitlist.


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