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Structured Auto-Billing


Structured Billing is similar to a mortgage or car loan every month. 

Continuous billing exists as an alternative. You can view our article Continuous Billing for more information.

Important Note

  • Auto-billing is an opt-in feature. Once you configure your activity to allow for it (see steps below), please contact Support to enable the feature for you on the back end.


  1. Navigate to Activities > Activity List
  2. Expand an activity
  3. Edit a session
  4. Navigate to the Advanced tab
  5. Under Membership Settings select the following
    • Membership Term: Set to any value greater than 1 month (typically 1 year)
      • Note: If you set to only 1 month, it would not have any payments.
      • Note: The Auto-Renew option should automatically hide as it is not applicable to this style of billing.
    • Recurring Fee: Set a recurring fee, if applicable, and select Auto-Bill
  6. Select Save Session

Note: Upon signup, the account will add all membership installments as upcoming balances due. For example, in a 1-year membership, you may pay $100 and then have 11 more $100 balances due each sequential month up until your expiration date. Each balance will automatically charge to the card on file on the due date unless paid ahead of time. 

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