Print Membership Cards from CivicRec


CivicRec uses the native printing capabilities in the browser. By default, some browsers will be configured to print webpage headers and footers, and are likely to have margins set.

The following setup will work for most browsers, although some setups may require additional tweaking. These settings are typically found in the Print-Page Setup screen.

Suggested Set Up

  • Page Size: CR80 (Or another size specific to your card size)
  • Landscape Mode
  • Print Background Colors and Images: Yes
  • Enable Shrink to Fit: Yes
  • Margins
    • Left: 0
    • Right: 0
    • Top: 0
    • Bottom: 0
    • Note: Some browsers will not allow 0 and may change it to a very low number - this is acceptable.
  • Headers and Footers: Make sure all Header and Footer settings are set to Empty. You do not want any browser headers or footers to print.

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