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CivicRec, which is also known as Rec1, is excited to be offering several new support options for our customers! Our Support page is accessible on the CivicPlus homepage and is offered at Support Contact Us

You can also select the Civic Rec Support option from the menu on the backend of your system.

CivicRec is also ramping up its presence on the major social media platforms. These - along with internal notifications in the software - will be a great way to follow our latest updates, new releases, and regular webinars. So, Follow, Like and +1 away! 


  1. On your Accounts page, select Help > CivicRec Support
  2. Four options appear:
    • Browse CivicRec Knowledge Base: Contact Support with questions and view tickets
    • Technical Help: Use our help & support widget to send questions or feedback to our support staff
      • Note: If you use this option, you will also be able to report a bug directly to our support team
    • Release Notes: View release notes for recent updates
    • Feature Requests for Roadmap: View, suggest, and vote on upcoming features
      • Note: This is your chance to suggest or comment on features that CivicRec is currently considering for development

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