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Prompt Response Types


Prompts in CivicRec gather custom information from users, specific to program registrations or facility rentals. This data displays on receipts and can be in various reports.

This article contains brief descriptions of the Prompt Response Types you may need to choose from when you create a Prompt.

Prompt Response Types

  • Multi-line Text: Ask a question or request information that can be answered in multiple lines
  • Multiple Choice: Ask a question or request information and provide various options for answers; can select only one option
  • Single-Line Text: Ask a question or request information that can be answered in one line or few characters
  • Yes/No: Ask a yes or no question and the customer will have the options to answer with a Yes or a No
  • Date Request Type: Give the customer the option to choose between the dates
  • Donation Prompt: Give your public the opportunity to donate
  • Guest Prompt: Enter guest names, if applicable
  • Mandatory Agreement: Forces the user to select that they agree to something similar to a waiver
  • Numeric Prompt: Allows you to input a numerical answer, for questions like how many guests will attend an event
  • One or More Options: Ask a multiple choice question but allow the user to select one (1) or more answers 

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