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In CivicRec, Discounts attach to various conditional fee discounts, such as local-resident discounts, early registration discounts, manual/custom discounts, program registrations, or facility rentals.



  1. Navigate to Configuration > Financial Settings > Discounts

  2. Click the Create Discount button

  3. Fill out Discount Settings
    • Note: When you change the Discount Type, the fields will automatically change as well.
    • Discount Name: Name the discount you will want to apply
    • Discount Type: Classification of discount
      • Age Discount: Distinguish a discount based on age
        • Note: This type It works well for "Kids under 2 are free" or "Senior Discount" situations.
        • Age: Enter a numeric age
        • Default Age Flag: Choose Or Older or Or Younger, based on the age

      • Coupon Discount: Pick a code to give your users to enter upon checkout
        • Max Uses: Set a max number of uses for the discount
        • Coupon Text: Select to determine what customers enter to receive the discount
        • Coupon Start Date: Set when the coupon starts
        • Coupon Expiration Date: Set when the coupon expires

      • Custom Discount: Customize the configuration
        • Default On: Select this checkbox to set the default to true

      • Early Registration Discount: Most often used to reward users who register sooner rather than later

      • Family Discount: Use for family members or multiple registrations for the same user
        • Qualifying Participant: Select who is eligible for this discount
        • Qualifying Activity: Determines which activities qualify for the discount. This setting is critical for check out to function as desired in conjunction with the Qualifying Participant setting.
        • Qualifying Timeframe: Allows you to set parameters on the previous cart, registration, and if it should be allowed now

      • Local Resident Discount: Often used for customers who fall in the resident category, dependent on where they live
        • Note: This can be put on facility rentals or activities. The discount will populate accordingly if the customer is listed as a resident in the system. (Residency is set Configuration > Organization > Local Resident Criteria).

      • Membership/Activity Discount: Often used for members that are being offered a discount on another activity registration for having currently been registered for a membership or other qualifying activity

      • Pro-Rated Discount: Often used for those who register late
        • Note: When the registration takes place, the system will discount based on the cost of the activity and what is set on the Sessions tab after the discount has been initially saved.

      • Prompt Discount: Use to fill in a prompt
        • Prompt: Select a prompt from the drop-down list

      • Quantity Discount: When an activity where a user can select multiple quantities
        • Use the Applies Over and Applies Under settings, further down on the page, to give the discount for that registrant within that quantity.

      • User Flag Discount: Only applies to users with the specified flag, often used for employee discounts; flag your employees and configure this discount to the flag
        • User Flag: Determine what flag this discount is applied to
        • To create a flag, reference our relevant article

    • One Time Discount: Click the checkbox to indicate that this discount can only be used once
    • Exclusive Discount: Click the checkbox if you do not want this discount to be combined with other discounts; other discounts will be removed when this Exclusive Discount is added
    • In House: Select this option to indicate if the discount is within the department
    • Online: Select this option to indicate that this discount is only applicable online
    • Applies To: Select the type of group that you want the discount to apply to
    • Default Amount: Enter the default discount amount, either in dollar or percentage amount
    • Default GL Code: Determine the General Ledger code from the drop-down menu
    • Instructor Applicable: Click this checkbox to determine whether this discount is included in instructor fees when using a percentage of registration fees
    • Auto-Billing Applicable: Click this checkbox to determine whether this discount is included in recurring auto-billing charges for memberships

  4. Select Save New Discount

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