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Create an Offline Credit/Debit Payment Type


Some merchants provide an external swipe machine that is not connected to CivicRec. In this case, registrations process through CivicRec but payment does not go through the gateway. When this set up is necessary, you should create a separate payment type for Offline Credit/Debit


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Financial Settings > Payment Types
  2. Select Create Payment Type
  3. Fill in fields; be sure to check all Credit Card Types
    • Description: Brief description of Payment Type
    • GL Code: Select a GL (General Ledger) code
    • User Credit?: Indicates Yes/No; contact Support to turn on/off
    • Is Gift Card?: Indicates Yes/No; contact Support to turn on/off
    • Surcharge ($): Dollar amount for surcharges
    • Surcharge (%): Percent amount for surcharges
    • Min. Surcharge: Enter a minimum dollar amount for surcharges
    • Applies Over: Enter a minimum amount required to apply surcharges
    • Surcharge GL Code: Select the GL code for surcharges
    • Surcharge In-House: Applies an in-house surcharge
    • Surcharge Online: Applies an online surcharge
    • Hide In-House: Disables offline/in-house processing of credit/debit payment types
    • Hide From List: Hide this payment type from the list of options on the payment screen
    • Valid Refund Type: Select to enable a Valid Refund Type
    • Cash Receipt Type: Select to enable a Cash Receipt Type
    • Use Quick Pay: Select to use QuickPay
      • Note: Does not apply to cash or credit/debit.
    • Credit Card Types: Choose from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover
    • Is Scholarship: Check if this is a scholarship
  4. Click Save New Payment Type
  5. Use Offline Credit/Debit Payment Type in Transactions

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