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In Organization Information, you control your basic settings, like name and address, that show throughout the CivicRec site to both staff members and public users.

Note: Organizational information like name, address, etc. show throughout the CivicRec site to both staff members as well as to public users.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Organization > Organization Information
  2. Navigate through field options 
    • Organization Name (required): Name of your organization
    • Organization abbreviation: Add an abbreviation for your organization, if applicable
    • Address #1 (required): Street address of your organization
    • Address #2: More address information, if applicable
    • City (required): Your organization's city
    • State (required): Your organization's state
    • Country (required): Your organization's country
    • Zip (required): Your organization's ZIP Code
    • Phone # (required): Primary phone number for your organization
    • Web Address (required): Add your site link
    • Email (required): Add a primary email address for your organization
    • Time Zone (required): Select your organization's time zone
    • Social Networking IDs: See our article Connect your Facebook or Google Account
  3. Click Update if you make any edits

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