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GL Configuration


This article will show you GL configuration.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Organization > Organization Options
  2. Locate General Ledger Accounting and enable it
  3. Set General Ledger Accounting Method to Cash
    • Note: If your department users Accrual Accounting, reach out to our support staff and we can give you additional tips to configure your account for Accrual accounting.
  4. Set other (optional) GL configuration settings
    • Note: By indicating these settings as “Required”, your staff should not be able to save any items in the system without first indicating a GL for them. This will save many “Unitemized” entries later!
    • Deferred Revenue
      • If you have specific requirements around when/what you defer, please reach out to support, so that we can be sure your account is properly configured for your brand of accounting.
    • GL Required for Activities
    • GL Required for Sessions
    • GL Required for Locations
    • GL Required for Facilities
    • GL Required for POS Items
    • GL Required for Addons
    • GL Required for Discounts
  5. Scroll to the bottom; select Save Settings

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