SMS Troubleshooting


CivicRec utilizes SMS email gateways for each mobile phone carrier to deliver SMS messages. Some mobile customers may have security settings that block these messages. You can contact the individual carrier to obtain troubleshooting information.

Verizon Wireless

  • SMS Gateway: (10-digit phone #, no formatting)
  • Example:


  1. Sign in to Verizon account page
  2. Click on Block Calls & Messages under PLAN
  3. Click on Internet Spam Blocking tab
  4. Uncheck boxes block all text messages sent from the web and block all text messages sent from email

Carrier Emails

  • Verizon Wireless:
  • AT&T:
  • Boost Mobile:
  • Cricket:
  • MetroPCS:
  • Sprint:
  • Straight Talk:

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