Facility Maps


Create Facility Map



This article will show you how to create a Facility Map.



  1. Facilities > Facility Maps

  2. Select Create Facility Map

  3. Fill in fields
    • Map Name (required): Title of map
    • Location: Assign the map to a location
    • Image: Select an image for the map
      • Note: PNG files are preferred and will produce the best quality
    • Width & Height: Image width and height
    • Priority: Set the order of the Map button on your catalog to be either first or last
    • Map Preview: Displays a preview of the map
    • Select a Facility/Add Facility: Select and place facilities in a location on the map
    • Select an Icon: Choose the style of icon to display
      • Options: Circle (default), tent, cabin, RV
    • Start/End: Check the availability within these times
      • Note: Green is available during the time set, while red is unavailable during that time.

  4. Drag-and-drop your facilities around the map

  5. Select Save New Facility Map

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    Michael Jacoby

    Please update the descriptions. For example, Width and Height, what is the recommended size?. Example 2: Priority, how do you set it? type in the word first or last, or type in a number? Where exactly does this show up based on what you put here?