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This article will show you how to create a Facility. Facilities are rooms, fields, or any other designated area that users can rent or reserve.



  1. Navigate to Facilities > Facility List 

  2. Select Create Facility

  3. Fill in fields
    • Basics:
      • Facility Name (required): Enter a location name
      • Color: Use the palette or enter HTML code to assign a color to the location
      • Location (required): Select a location
      • Receipt Template: Select a receipt template
      • Code: Assign a code to the facility
      • Survey Template: Choose a survey template
      • Survey Timing: Choose when to send the survey
      • Description: Use the text box to enter a brief description of the facility

    • Rental Options: Set rental options for this facility
      • Admin Approval: Check if only department admins can approve made by the staff or public
      • Online Rental Mode: Choose a public permissions level
      • Generate Permit: Check to generate a permit upon reservation
      • Allow Public Cancellations: Check to allow public users to refund their reservation(s) in the current facility
      • Allow Public Rental Adjustments: Select to allow public users to adjust their reservation(s) in the current facility
      • Allow Recurring Reservations: Check to allow users to make recurring reservations for this facility
      • Online Payment: Select online payment availability
      • Inhouse Payment: Select in-house (office) payment availability
      • Return Email: Enter an email address for replies
      • Block Child Facilities: Select if you want any child facilities to reserve with this parent facility (if applicable)
      • Balance Due Date: Defaults the balance due date to a specified number of days before or after the rental date
      • Custom "Days Out" Message: Create a custom "days out" message
      • Custom "Unavailable" Message: Create a custom "unavailable" facility message
      • Custom "In-House-Only" Message: Create a custom "in-house only" message
      • Rental Rules: Enter rules for rental
      • Post-Rental Buffer: (Minutes) Blocks an amount of time after a facility reservation
      • Min. Days Out: Minimum number of days in advance a user can reserve this facility online
      • Max Days Out: Maximum number of days in advance a user can reserve this facility online
      • Start Time Increments: Increment between available start times in minutes
      • Open Time (Residents): Time of day reservations are "open" for residents
      • Open Time (Non-Residents): Time of day reservations are "open" for non-residents

    • Prompts: Select prompts that to associate with facility rental
      • Tags: Select tags
      • Prompts: Select prompts
      • Waivers: Select waivers
      • Forms: Select forms

    • Access: Assign staff members who want to receive an email notification when a customer reserves the facility.

    • Receipt: For any special notes you want to appear on the receipts

    • Child Facilities: Select facilities that need to link to this facility for booking purposes

    • GL Codes: Assign one or more revenue (general ledger) codes to the rental fee
      • Note: GL Codes must add up to 100%.

    • Addons/Discounts: Select addons or discounts you want to apply

    • Gallery: Allows the public to skim through images of the rental facility prior to renting
      • Note: The ideal size for the gallery inside a facility is 1000x750 pixels (close to 200 KB).

  4. Select Save New Facility

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Article Feedback

  • Avatar
    Michael Jacoby

    You mention under the Note: "Note: The location photos are 600x400 pixels (close to 55 to 60 KB). " What is this referring to? There is not a place to add photos for a location except inserting them into the description. Is that what you are referring to?

  • Avatar
    Becca Drake

    Hi Michael,

    In the Gallery section, you can drag-and-drop photos of the location or facility. If you have trouble adding photos, please contact our Support Team to assist you.

    Thank you,
    Your Help Center Team