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Add New Account Member to Existing Account



This article will show you how to add an account member to an existing user account. This may include a spouse or child account.


  1. Search and select a user account
  2. Select Add Account Member
  3. Create new account member
    • Basics:
      • Account Type: Select Individual or Organization
      • Name: Provide first, middle, and last name
      • Date of Birth, Age Group: Provide birthday and general age group
      • Gender: Indicate Male or Female
      • School: Enter their school, if applicable
      • Note: Other Basics fields may change, depending on site settings
    • Contact Info:
      • Use Parent Contact Info: Select this option to automatically copy parent info
      • Phone 1-3: Enter phone number, type of phone, and the mobile carrier
      • Email Preferences: Click Add Email to enter an email address
      • Apply Contact Changes To Other Household Members: Any changes you make to contact information for this account holder will apply to all members of the account
    • Address:
      • Use Parent Address: Select this option to automatically copy parent info
      • Address Line 1: Provide the street address
      • Address Line 2: Enter additional address information
      • Zip Code, City, State: Enter ZIP code, city, and state
      • Country: Select the country
      • County/Parish: Enter the residential county or parish
      • Residency Override: Select an option to indicate the user as a resident or non-resident
    • Account Settings:
      • Primary Email: Enter the main email address
      • Username: Create a username
        • Note: A blank field will default the email address as their username
      • Generate Password: Select to create a default password for the user
      • Password/Confirm Password: Create and confirm a password
        • Note: Passwords must be at least eight (8) characters long and contain characters from at least three (3) of the following categories:
          • Lowercase letters
          • Uppercase letters
          • Numbers
          • Special characters
      • User Type: Indicate their user type
      • Deactivated User: Check to indicate the user is inactive (an Unused Account)
      • User Access: Select access groups
      • Note: Account Settings information is OPTIONAL, but would allow you to create a login for the user to use during subsequent registrations through the web.
  4. Click Save Account Member at the bottom of the page

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