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Add Account Member to Existing User


This article will show you how to add an account member to an existing user account. This may include a spouse or child account.


  1. Search and select a user account
  2. Select Add Account Member
  3. Create new account member
    • Note: Fields may vary site to site.
    • Name: Insert a First Name, Middle Name, Last Name
      • Use the drop-down to identify a Jr., Sr., or other hierarchical name types (I, II, etc)
    • Date of Birth, Age Group: Insert a birthday or use the drop-down to identify a general age group (Youth, Adult, Senior)
    • Liability Waiver: Check to confirm the user agrees to the Liability Waiver
    • Address Line 1: Insert the user's address
    • Zip/Postal Code, City/Municipality, State: Insert the user's Zip code, city, and state
    • Country: Select the user's country
    • Note: It is also important to note the user's User Type. Select either Public User or Internal User/Staff Member.
  4. Click Save Account Member at the bottom of the page

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