Create an Activity



This article will show you how to create an Activity.



  1. Navigate to Activities > Activity List

  2. Select the Create Activity button

  3. Fill in fields
    • Activity Name & Code (if desired): Title of activity and optional code
    • Activity Type, Category: Select Type of activity and Category of activity
      • Note: If the desired category is not among the options, select the plus sign beside the category drop-down list to you may quickly create a new category.
    • Prerequisite Activities: Choose to require users to be enrolled in other activities before enrollment can occur for this activity
    • Image: Choose to attach an image
    • Max Registrations Per User: Only applies within the current program period; meaning 1 user can sign up for the activity the number of times set (used primarily for leveled activities)
    • Default GL Code: GL Code chosen here will auto-populate a GL entry for new sessions; will not impact existing sessions with no GL code
    • Full Description: Information about Activity
    • Print Description: Optional print description field for printed/exported catalog

  4. Select Save New Activity

  5. Add sessions

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